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Let Us Know You'd Like To Help!

Volunteers are required to pass a background check and commit to our privacy pledge.


Our goal is to not only provide a safe place for women, but to give the assistance they need to become fully independent and self-supporting, so they do not return to an abusive relationship.


That goal requires significant effort. Trained volunteers spend time with each resident, listening to her and helping her decide what she may want for her future. Volunteers help residents write resumes, complete job applications, teach budgeting and money management, and encourage the women to have the confidence to pursue their goals. 

Most of the women we help have experienced deep trauma, many a lifetime of trauma, with early abuse or neglect. Each resident receives free professional counseling through our affiliation with a counseling service but they have ongoing needs for emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. We need women who are willing to speak  about simple things like setting boundaries, self-esteem, what healthy relationships look like. 

  • Our residents need practical assistance of all kinds also; help with cooking, cleaning, nutrition, budgeting, completing job applications, writing resumes, other life skills they may have never  learned.

  • The transportation need is BIG. Few of our residents have had cars and they need help getting to appointments and work.

  • We often have the need for childcare, while residents go on job interviews, or as they begin a new job and are working out day care.

  • We need women to collaborate with our residents, women who are compassionate, kind, and can listen to women without judgment.

  • Men can help out too. We sometimes need help moving  furniture and doing simple maintenance at the shelter.

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