Restoration Advocates, Inc. exists to provide the care and support necessary for women, and their dependent children, who are victims of domestic violence and other dangers that place them at risk of life or physical harm and/or deprive them of their overall safety and sense of well-being. 

Our mission is for every woman in an unsafe home to have the confidence, as well as the resources, to independently support herself and her children.

To that end, we have established a safe haven called Restoration Place, where survivors of family violence can live in safety as they restore their lives to health and happiness.

Restoration Place provides emergency housing for women and children in crisis and we also offer transitional housing for a period of up to two years if that is needed for the family to be fully independent and self-supporting.

We realize that these women require more than housing to rebuild their lives, so we will provide assistance with childcare and transportation when necessary.

Each resident of Restoration Place receives guidance in assessing her current situation and her needs for gaining employment, further education or job training, adequate childcare, and transportation. She is helped to devise a plan to take steps to rebuild her life in the way that she would like it to be. Volunteer advocates work with the women through mentoring relationships in areas of personal and family development.

SINCe 9/1/20, Restoration Advocates has helped 27 women & 27 children in Erath County